WPATH Certification and Mentorship

The WPATH Certification Program signifies a provider is a WPATH member in good standing who has completed an additional rigorous curriculum related to providing gender care.  Certification indicates that the provider has a working understanding of the multidisciplinary care team and how the WPATH SOC actually works in clinical practice. The extensive 50 -hour core competencies-based training program includes course work, mentorship and an exam. The title of "WPATH GEI SOC 7 Certified Member" also requires a commitment to stay on top of current evidence and consensus in the field through continuing education. Learn more about the specific requirements to become certified through WPATH. 
I have over twenty years of experience as a gender therapist, as well as have been a WPATH member since 2002.  I would be honored to work with you as your WPATH Mentor.  Working with me, you'll get support for your clinical work across the lifespan.  I work with clients in my own practice using play therapy, group, individual therapy and EMDR. 
Individual meetings and groups can apply toward the 10 hours of mentorship needed to help you meet the qualifications to become a WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Member. Note: group can count toward only eight of the ten required mentorship hours.  
As your WPATH mentor we discuss cases within the context of the WPATH core competencies. See this list of example training topics we can also cover during mentorship.    
Mentorship meetings (25 or 50 mins) can be individual, in dyads or in group.  They can take place in the English or Spanish languages.  You may also choose to book a free brief meeting directly into my schedule so we can discuss certification and if mentorship with me is right for you.
Are you already an experienced gender therapist? I'll support you with your current caseload, explore new areas for growth, and help expand your expertise within the WPATH core competencies.
The 4th Friday video-based Advanced Gender Therapist Consultation Group may be a great fit for you.
Work at a clinic or department where there are many of you working toward WPATH certification? 
I am happy to create a group just for your organization via Zoom to help you gain mentor hours needed. Hablo el español.
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Testimonials from your colleagues about working with me as a consultant and mentor.