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with Lisette Lahana, LCSW


Chest Surgery and Writing Letters Part I and II (2 hour Live Online Video Classes via Zoom)

Two Part Series/Cost: $80/per class

Next series July/Aug 2019 (lower fees for POC, trans, non binary or disabled clinicians who cannot afford fee)

This two-part series is dedicated to helping gender therapists (or those developing their knowledge) understand masculinizing chest surgeries.  In Part I we explore how to prepare clients, the social, physical and emotional impact of chest surgeries and the recovery process. We will discuss WPATH Standards of Care Version 7 criteria used by many surgeons and insurance companies.  In Part II we cover the "nuts and bolts" of writing a great letter which serves to get insurance companies to understand the medical necessity of surgery, to advocate for client needs and to communicate to surgeons pertinent information. Special attention will be paid to non binary considerations.  You will also receive sample letters and a step by step outline for how to write letters.

Class Testimonial 

Plenary Speaker for: Legal and Social Considerations of Surgeries and Beyond

San Francisco, CA June 1, 11:30am-12:45pm 

WPATH Conference: Discussion on Gender Affirmation: Surgery and Beyond 

At the conference topics to be covered include:

  • An ethical framework for navigating challenges in gender care

  • Counseling patients/clients regarding surgery options

  • Physical preparation for surgery

  • Discussions on Complications of gender surgeries

  • Masculinizing and feminizing surgical procedures

  • Nonbinary surgery requests

  • Ethical issues in adolescent treatment

  • How to be a well-informed healthcare advocate

  • Facial feminization and voice surgery

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