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Image by Claudio Schwarz

Triadic Supervision

Image by Claudio Schwarz

  • Supervision provided by Gender Therapist Lisette Lahana, LCSW with 20+ yrs clinical experience.

  • Meetings take place over Zoom video to support Associate MFTs and ASW Associates obtaining their supervision hours.  

  • While Lisette has special expertise in working with sexual and gender minority clients across the life-span, all your case material has a place in our triadic supervision.  Like most clinicians, Lisette has also been a generalist therapist throughout her  20+ year clinical career--working in settings such as community mental health, schools, hospitals, health clinics and behavioral health departments.  All your clinical work will be discussed.  A trauma informed, neurodivergence aware and anti-racist lens will be employed throughout our work.  However, special expertise is available to aid with your work with LGBTQIA clients.   

  • You will develop clinical skills and prepare clients for medical interventions like surgery and hormones.

  • Help family, partners and the workplace move through the process of a loved one coming out.

  • Explore intersectionality including how race, class, abilities, immigration status, family dynamics, mental health, neurotype, and trauma influence clients' gender and sexuality.

  • Benefit from hearing about cases from your other colleague in the group with you.

Triadic Supervision Schedule



You must be employed in a private practice setting with a primary supervisor or employed in a clinic or organizational setting to attend the triad.  Lisette typically provides supervision as a contractor or W2 employee for another organization and will not be directly employing an associate.  It is the responsibility of your primary supervisor or employer to provide a substitute for supervision during Lisette's vacations or time off.  Lisette will be signing off on hours completed in line with the number allowable. 

ATTENDANCE: If you are absent from the triad, including for illness, you will be still be expected to pay your group fee to save your slot. 

FEE:  $100/ group (includes signing off on your hours)

CONTACT: Schedule a brief, 15 min Zoom meeting as a "new client" if you are interested in having an associate work with me or if you are an associate who is interested.  Or Call: 510-915-4795



Whom Are You Working With?​

I am a queer, cis, Latine/White,  Spanish Speaking Gender Therapist based in Oakland, CA who has been working with queer and transgender/non binary community members (and partners and family) since 1999.  I have been providing clinical supervision for over ten years and take the necessary supervision courses every two years.  I have provided consultation, seminars and teaching classes since 2003. Learn more about me and my background.

Visit my website for details about group cost or call (510) 915-4795 or email Therapy a t

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