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Tools to Enhance Therapy and Well-Being

Self-Help Worksheets

Bring these worksheets into your sessions with me or do on your own to develop greater insight.

(1) DBTSelf (2) Self Help Worksheets

Mood Charting​

Often we forget our mood patterns and what factors contributed to us having a good week, a week of low mood or anxiety.   Mood charts are an important tool in developing those insights and being able to make real changes day to day. Chart daily, usually before you go to sleep, at the same time each day for best results.  Bring your chart in to your therapy session each week or review it yourself weekly.

How can I start charting? (1) Check out charting aps such as emoods or Download a Mood Chart such as the BEAM Mood Chart from the Stable Resource Tool Kit Page 61, (3) Get one from Microsoft's Excel Mood Diary, (4) Create your own




Guided Visualization
University of Houston Resources
NIH Patient Library Free Tracks
UCSD Videos/Resources (click on guided audio on the left side of the page)

Books on Anxiety


Books on Mindfulness and Emotional Balance

Books on Depression

Tips and Tricks for Adults Who Need More Sleep

Please consult your doctor before taking supplements

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Free Ap!

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Insight Timer Sleep Meditations

Free Ap!

Workbook for Sleep (CBT) 


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Article on Sleep Tips

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