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Consultation Opportunities

Individual Consultation for therapists new to gender work or for support with complex cases.
Learn About Lisette's Consult Groups​

Testimonials from Therapists  

Lisette is a terrific WPATH Mentor and colleague. She holds groups with thoughtful content and is always prepared and professional. She does not rest when there is a question and reaches back to share what she has learned. Sign up for her consultations!

-Trisha D. Wallis PSYD, LCSW, APC

Private Practice located in Sacramento, CA

I have been an active participant in Lisette’s online consultation group for over 4 years. Participating in the group has significantly contributed to my development in providing competent gender affirmative care.   

The didactic group format allows for learning about topics related to transgender care coupled with the second half of group being dedicated to case presentations and receiving feedback from therapists located throughout the country. 


Lisette has also been very responsive to me when needing to consult individually regarding complex cases.


I’m very thankful for this consultation and educational resource. I have referred therapists to her groups seeking to expand their knowledge and receive additional support.

-Adam A. Sauceda, MA, LPC-S, NCC 

Private Practice located in Helotes, Texas

Lisette leads a gender consultation group that has been valuable for my professional growth. She is highly knowledgeable about gender-related care, and has a natural way of explaining it thoughtfully to others. Lisette is a great combination of informed, and approachable. She was able to sensitively guide clinicians who had a wide range of experience working with gender expansive and transgender clients. She is organized and prepared and does a great job of reading what the group needs. I can strongly recommend Lisette as a consultant and group leader.

-Laura Anderson, PsyD   

Private Practice located in Hawaii and California

(After Part I of Lisette Lahana's online live class on chest surgery)

Just a quick email expressing my sincerest thanks and gratitude learning from and with you. I just had a tangible transfer of knowledge about top surgery that I gained from you which I just passed to a client and it was very helpful - excited to keep learning!

-Adam Cohen, LMFT

Private Practice located in San Rafael, CA

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