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Image by Claudio Schwarz

Small 1 Hour Consult Meetings

For Therapists Working with Transgender, Intersex, Non Binary, Gender Expansive & Questioning Clients and LGBTQIA

Image by Claudio Schwarz

  • Consult on challenging cases with Lisette Lahana, a Senior Gender Therapist and WPATH GEI Certified Member and WPATH Mentor who has been seeing clients in the queer and transgender community since 1999. 
  • Develop clinical skills and prepare clients for medical interventions like surgery and hormones.
  • Help family, partners and the workplace move through the process of gender changes.
  • Explore intersectionality including how race, class, abilities, immigration status, family dynamics, mental health, neurotype, sexuality and trauma influence clients' gender.
  • Gain access to a private Google Group for gender therapists.
  • Get consultation from peers in a diverse group of talented clinicians who grow with you.

We come together in a small group with three therapists, once a month, to consult with me about gender diverse clients across the lifespan.  The group can also be open for discussion of your generalist work which may include clients of all genders and sexualities struggling with anxiety, mood and trauma.  Please note, group will not start without having 3 signed up. 

Feel free to pass this info on to colleagues with whom you would like to share an hour.  You must be actively be doing clinical work. You can also indicate if you are trans, intersex, enby, neurodivergent or BIPOC yourself. In this way therapists with the same needs or identities will sign up with you. Typically if you are in or have been in one of my groups in the past, or have consulted with me individually, you will not need to take part in a pre-screening. If I have never met you, please book a free,10-15 minute meeting by video/phone to discuss whether a small group will be a good fit.  You can email me-therapy a t

Currently I am available to lead a small group on the third Tuesday of the month at 9am or 10am


ATTENDANCE: If you are absent from the group, including for illness, you will be still be expected to pay your group fee to save your slot.  However, you may have a 1x yearly exception.


FEE:  $80/ group


LOWER FEES:  To diversify and increase accessibility in the field, I am able to offer one lower fees slot per group for a trans, intersex and non binary identified therapist, BIPOC clinicians, neurodivergent therapists, and disabled therapists who cannot afford the full fee.  

WPATH MENTORSHIP:  You cannot use this type of small group for mentorship hours, rather, look into my longer consultation/mentorship groups.



I am a queer, cis, Latine/White,  Spanish Speaking Gender Therapist based in Oakland, CA who has been working with queer and transgender/non binary community members (and partners and family) since 1999.  I have been providing clinical consultation, seminars and teaching classes since 2003. Learn more about me and my background.

Visit my website for details about group cost or call (510) 915-4795 or email Therapy a t

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