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Sexuality and Psychotherapy

Couple Showing Affection
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Couple Showing Affection
*Story based on a collection of clients, no personally identifying information was revealed.

I specialize in helping you have healthier relationships by starting with your primary relationship, the relationship to self. Outside of helping couples move through or cope with the gender transition of a partner, I typically do not provide couple therapy.   ​

Relationships and intimacy can often cause stress and insecurity, depending on your background.   One client*, came to therapy feeling happy in her three-month long romance but had moments of intense anxiety. Her feelings caused her to retreat or sometimes show up late for their dates. After some exploration it turned out that she had stopped doing things for herself, like her morning run and getting together with friends.  We explored how she grew up watching her mother put aside her needs to always prioritize her father's.  We explored her unconscious fears and how her thinking (cognitions) about relationship impacted her behavior.  She felt it was hard to share her feelings without making her partner feel rejected. In therapy she worked on building a skill set to improve how she expressed herself.


What are your unmet needs?  Therapy is a safe space to start exploring what's going on inside so change can happen.

​I welcome all sexualities to my practice including bi, queer, pansexual, asexual/ace, lesbian, gay, gray sexual, sapiosexual, omnisexual & heterosexual (to name a few).  I am affirming toward people in the poly and kink communities though I am not a specialist in kink and poly relationship issues.  Check out this resource to find therapists who specialize.  


Books to Help Improve Relationships

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