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Seeking Safety

A Weekly Therapy Program for Trauma Survivors


​Seeking Safety is a program developed by Dr. Lisa Najavits and published in 2002. It has been proven in numerous studies to be effective at reducing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  In the program you'll find weekly topics that help you learn how trauma impacts your way of making sense of the world. You'll work toward making changes in your thinking to move you toward healing. We will cover how your trauma impacts your behaviors meaning what you do to self-soothe including addictions or compulsions. Each week we will check in on your coping and help you make incremental changes. Finally you'll get the chance to explore how being a survivor has played out in your interpersonal relationships. We'll discuss how to create healthy boundaries, improve your ability to trust as well as how to assert yourself.

One​ thing that distinguishes the program from others is the fact that we do not talk directly about what happened to you. We focus on learning coping tools and improving how you function day to day. The group focuses on developing a safe relationship with yourself and others, which is the first stage in recovery from trauma (Herman, 1991). This group is a great way to prepare for in depth work around your trauma called exposure therapy.  The group is small, allowing for enough time for each member to share about their experience with the program.  We will have no more than 8 people at any one time.  To get the most benefit from the program it is suggested you attend the full program.  Before joining the group, an in-depth phone or in-person meeting with the facilitator takes place in order to make sure the group is a good fit for you.  The program requires that you pay in 6 weeks installments of $270.  (Each group is $45). There are 24 weeks in the entire group program and you are welcome to leave the program at any time.

Download the Seeking Safety Topic List (adapted by Lahana into four, 6-week modules)

Article on Seeing Safety for Therapists by Lisette Lahana from: California Marriage and Family Therapist Association, East Bay Chapter Newsletter, 2012

​Learn more about Seeking Safety through

Lisette Lahana, LCSW has been working with trauma survivors since 1998 individually as well as using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, an exposure therapy. She attended a training by Dr. Najavits and facilitated Seeking Safety groups since 2009. 

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