Online Therapy with Lisette Lahana, LCSW

​​​​​​​​​​​My Approach​​​


With a warm and non-judgmental style I'll help you explore those patterns causing you problems. As a team, we'll help you clear away your past and learn to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others. I'll ask you to think about yourself deeply, challenge you, and move you forward.​​ I enjoy working with clients who are motivated to make real changes in their lives.  Learn more about my background or Contact me.

 With online therapy, I bring my office to you through video sessions. As a seasoned therapist, I have worked with people who struggle with anxiety, isolation, depression and healing from childhood pain.  Online therapy is more effective than phone sessions as we can share non-verbal communications during our session.  We use a secure (HIPAA compliant) online video platform to communicate.  Video sessions may also be a good fit if there are no therapists in your area who have my specializations. 


As a Gender Specialist I enjoy providing gender therapy and traditional psychotherapy online to transgender, intersex and non binary people and their loved ones. I also offer a gender therapy intensive program, online, to one client at a time.

I welcome lesbian, bi/pan, gay men, queer folks (LGBTIQQA)  and people questioning their sexual orientation. I have a high level of experience working with POC, disabled people, ace and heterosexual people.


Online therapy with me is appropriate if you:


  • Are over 18 (unless you have parent's permission)

  • Resident of California

  • Have generally stable mental health

Online therapy with me is not appropriate if you:

  • Are suicidal and in frequent crisis

  • Want to work on complex trauma issues or use EMDR

  • Are addicted to internet porn or online activities


Learn more about telemedicine and consumer rights rights in California from this webpage.

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