Online Gender Therapy Group Program

For Trans, Intersex, Non Binary and Gender Expansive Adults

Group Currently Forming

Meeting Time:

Every Other Thursday


Starting April 16, 2020

This video-based group is designed for trans masculine, trans feminine, non binary or intersex adults age 24 and up.  During this COVID19 crisis, many are feeling a sense of isolation and stress.  Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed at home, managing job loss or having difficult relationships with partners or kids.  Group therapy can incredibly helpful.  Each small group contains only eight members so that you have plenty of time to get the support you need as well as connect with other members.  Members will be chosen specifically to be a good fit for each other.   


Led by Lisette Lahana, LCSW, a gender therapist with twenty years serving the diverse gender community.  In addition to a long career related to gender identity, Lisette has done general mental health work, helping people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and trauma.  Lisette can offer information, during group, about medical interventions, such as hormones and surgeries.  The goal of group is for you to feel well-supported, to help you build up your sense of gender euphoria and help you live more fully.


DETAILS:  Must be a resident of California and have access to a local therapist, if needed, over the course of the group.  Group members must be comfortable using tech for video meetings, have high speed internet and a private place to meet. A credit or debit card will be billed once a month for the group meetings whether or not you attended every monthly meeting.  You may stop attending at any time.   A free, brief meeting with the facilitator (by video) is required prior to you being selected for the group program.

​We use a Zoom, a secure hosting website which allows us to see and hear each other on one screen so that you have the feeling of being in the room together. 

COST:  $132 per month 

Can I use a FSA or HSA account to pay for this therapy group?  Yes.  And, if you have a PPO health plan that covers out-of-network therapy, I can provide a receipt you can present for reimbursement by your insurance or a record of it as a healthcare expense for tax purposes.


Do you accept lower fees?  Yes,  group has 3-4 lower fee slots (ranging from $20-$110/mos) for those who cannot afford the full fee.


Contact Lisette Lahana, LCSW or call (510) 915-4795 if you are interested in group

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