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Gender Therapy Intensive
Program Status:10am Thursday Therapy Session Weekly

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the Gender Therapy Intensive Program cost?


$2800/four week month*

Can this intensive program's cost be reimbursed by my insurance?


Only the psychotherapy session's cost may be reimbursed by certain insurance plans, FSA or HSA. Claims will based on my customary fees if you have a mental health diagnosis.  I am not an "in network" provider for insurance plans so typically you would need a PPO plan to gain reimbursement.  An invoice will be provided to you which you can send in to your plans.

Can I use my therapy sessions for couple therapy?

While we certainly can invite a partner or other important people to therapy sessions occasionally (this is called a collateral visit), this program primarily focuses on your goals and provides individualized mental health care and support.  A referral to a couple therapist can be arranged.


What if I don't have time to do workbooks or don't want to do the mindfulness exercises?

Not to worry!  This program is personalized so anything that isn't a good fit for you can be changed.  Beyond workbooks I can send you biographies, non fiction or an audio book.

How much is the intensive if there are five weeks in a particular month?

*For months with five weeks the cost increases an additional $450 for the fifth week.

Do you offer "low fee" for the intensive?

Due to the time commitment involved I am not able to offer this level of care for a lower fee.  However, if you are my routine therapy client, you can request many aspects of this program be integrated in our therapy session.

As my only intensive client, your needs are prioritized.  Together we design your program, which can be in-person or online.  The best person for an intensive is someone who is motivated to make changes but may have areas of "stuckness."  You may want to make social changes with gender role, medical changes, come out in the workplace or re-transition.  With twenty years of experience as a gender therapist, I've supported hundreds of people in their finding a sense of body congruence and gender ease.


The Intensive Program Includes:


  • 1 Weekly 60-minute Therapy Session

  • Text Messaging 9-5pm (max 2 hours response time/week)

  • Weekly 10-15 Minute Video or Phone Check-In

  • Guided Visualization or Mindfulness Exercises

  • Personalized Workbook Program

Extra support from a gender therapist can be especially important when you are at a point where there are many disclosures happening at the same time, which can be exciting but overwhelming.  For those making gender changes having more frequent contact with a gender therapist can provide you guidance and partnering in your process.  You can bring in family, children or good friends to help them understand and better cope with change.


During weekly check-in you can update me, discuss workbook reflections or show me journal entries.  I can lead you in a guided visualization or mindfulness practice which can help reduce stress, can decrease gender dysphoria and improve sleep.

While enrolled, I will choose a workbook or book to send you every 2-3 months, based on your needs and pace.  Workbooks are published by diverse authors and relate to gender identity, resilience or improving coping tools. (Optional)

Details:   The monthly cost remains the same even if you cancel our meetings as I reserve set time for you each week.  I read and respond to your messages, on average, 3-5x/day 9-5 on weekdays only.   Response time may occasionally be delayed due to work hours, illness or unforeseen circumstances. Your monthly cost decreases if I am away or cancel appts.

Requirements: Intensive clients must be over 18, California residents and having no more than mild to moderate mental health symptoms.

Contact me to discuss whether the intensive is right for you. These initial meetings are free of charge and range from 10-25 minutes. Schedule a free 15 min appointment by video or phone to discuss if the program is a good fit.
You may request to be added to the waitlist if the current time slot does not work or if you are not yet ready to enroll. I can call you when space is available.

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