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Books and Resources on Gender* 

Books (movies & other shows) are a great way to start learning about how you may or may not relate to the stories of others or to grow your clinical skills. In addition to books there are various organizations that have great resources.  Journal about your feelings when reading and bring those reflections to your therapy. Find books for therapists.
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Adult Non Fiction 

Children and Teens

Let me know if you have liked this, I have not yet read it.

First Person Accounts

Families in Transition
Free pdf download!

For Kids and Families on Gender Expression and Diversity

First Person Teen Accounts

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Partners, Family and Loved Ones



Movies and Documentaries

Brothers-On Amazon Prime

Create a Gender Affirming Office

^Print this image out in color and put it up in your office!


Three Generations (movie)

*This list is not a complete compilation of every great book out there.   If you are struggling with major mental health issues, reading is not a substitute for receiving psychotherapy.   Reading is not a substitute for training and consultation for therapists new to the field. Let me know if you have ideas for books you'd add or delete, keeping in mind books are on the list as I feel they can be helpful for largest number or those visiting my website. I have not read all of them, however, so I depend on your ideas for what to remove.

Page Updated 7/2018 by Lisette Lahana, LCSW

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