As a Gender Specialist working with the transgender community since 1999, I can help you to improve your self-confidence and create the gendered life you want. We'll discuss your specific gender goals including the coming out process.  You may also want to work on life issues not related to gender, with a trans affirmative therapist.   I am a cisgender (born female) with over twenty years of personal experience within the queer/LGBT communities. 

Update: My therapy practice is full.   I only have room right now for therapists who wish to start consultation or WPATH mentorship.

I have nearly twenty years of experience as a Gender Specialist providing psychotherapy for the diverse transgender and non binary community.  Since 2002 I have been a member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a consultant to other therapists and am now a Certified WPATH Provider and WPATH GEI Mentor for therapists working on becoming Certified WPATH Providers.

Working with Me​

I have space open for California in-person and online/video clients who would like to start gender therapy.  I have only 1 space at a time,  available one adult client to enter my Gender Therapy Intensive Program

If you nee a letter to begin medical interventions (a.k.a. Assessments/ Gender Health Evaluations) for blockers, hormones or surgeries. I recommend you contact The GALAP, offering free letters to improve access to gender affirming medical care.


Check out the resource page and book shop to learn about what it means to be transgender or non binary and for resources.


I also work with people who happen to be trans, intersex or non binary and simply want a therapist who understands their experience and never asks questions just because they are curious. 

I support people considering re-transition, finding a new path on their gender journey or those considering going off hormones.  

Our work together is flexible and takes into account your individual situation, story and needs. Hear an episode of VoiceAmerica where I am interviewed, along with Dr. Marci Bowers and Dr. Joel Beck, on transgender surgeries and the process of transition.
SUICIDAL? IN CRISIS? Follow this link to get help immediately. There are trans-specific resources at the bottom of the page.
​Consultation for Therapists
Since 2002 I have provided consultation for therapists doing clinical work with transgender, non binary, intersex and questioning clients. Consults take place individually or in monthly consult groups. Learn more about opportunities to expand your expertise as a gender therapist.  I am a Certified WPATH provider and Certified WPATH GEI Mentor so your hours of consultation can count toward your certification.  
I keep learning by being a part of gender therapist groups:
Mind the Gap  A gender affirming network of mental health providers serving gender diverse youth in Northern California.
World Professional Association for Transgender Health
GAYLESTA (LGBTIQQA Therapists) Peer Consult Group 2007-present
Past groups:
Bay Area Gender Associates (2008-2014)  Longest established peer consultation group in the world of licensed psychotherapists who work specifically with gender identity issues.
Bay Area Gender Therapists (2015-2019) Mental health professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area who work with transgender, and non binary people.

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