WPATH Mentorship

For Therapists Working With Non Binary, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex Clients

A member of WPATH since 2002, around that same time I began to expand my gender practice to include consulting with therapists online and in person including in seminars, classes and groups.  I am a WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Member and a WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Mentors.  Working with me, you'll get support for your clinical work with adults and teens over age 12.  I work with clients in my own practice using play therapy, group, individual therapy and EMDR. 
Our individual and group consultation can apply to the 10 hours of mentorship needed to help you meet the qualifications to become a WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Member.
Since 2002 I've been teaching therapists about concepts related to gender identity, gender expression, and options for body change. We'll discuss what factors are relevant in a gender history and how to help clients gain clarity around their identity and expression.  Having worked in a multi-disciplinary gender clinic, I share knowledge about preparing clients and their families for medical changes including hormones/blockers and surgeries. Together we work on creative options gender changes and self-expression, many of which may be outside of the gender binary.
Our own race, gender modality, class, abilities or whether we are neurotypical or atypical influence who we are as clinicians.  We can engage in nuanced conversations about transference, countertransference and privilege during our meetings.  If you are a new gender therapist, we'll talk about building up your practice, creating a network of providers in your area, and getting comfortable with a diverse caseload.
You must be a member of WPATH in order to start the formal certification process and begin mentorship hours.
See this list of example training topics we can cover during mentorship hours (A larger 2 hour group=1 hour of mentorship).  As a WPATH mentor we discuss cases within the context of the four WPATH core competencies.   Meet with me for half or full mentor meetings (25 or 50 mins) in English or Spanish languages. Book your mentor/consultation hour, or a brief first meeting, now directly into my schedule. A first brief meeting (phone or video) is free of charge.
Learn more about what it means to be a Gender Specialisthow I became a gender therapist, and about fees
LOWER FEE? To further diversify the field, 1/3-1/4 of every consultation/mentorship group has lower fee slots for trans, nb, intersex, poc and disabled clinicians who cannot afford the full fee. Call me to discuss your financial needs for individual if you cannot afford my fees.
Are you already an experienced gender therapist? I'll support you with your current caseload, explore new areas for growth, and help expand your expertise within the WPATH core competencies. Want to get mentorship hours in a group?  The 4th Friday ONLINE Advanced Gender Therapist Consultation Group may be a great fit for you.
Work at a clinic or department where there are many of you working toward WPATH certification?  I am happy to create a group just for your organization via Zoom to help you gain mentor hours needed. Se habla español.

Testimonials from your colleagues about working with me as a consultant and mentor.

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