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Using Books and Resources 

Books and workbooks are a wonderful resource for gender therapists to recommend to their transgender, intersex, non binary and questioning clients as well as family, partners and friends.There are also some free downloads for families as well, such as the Families in Transition Guide.  Some of my clients buy books for their family and give them a book that is closest to their personal experience.  First person accounts are a great resource to help normalize for clients what they are going through.  
I'm a fan of workbooks (see Testa, Hoffman, Stork and Singh) as you can recommend specific pages you feel are appropriate for your client. Have clients purchase workbooks to use between sessions and bring in their reflections each week.  
Check out the (small) section on books just for therapists. It's also helpful to stay up on current research by  subscribing to The International Journal of Transgenderism (free if you are a WPATH member) and/or the journal Transgender Health.
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