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445 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA 94610

(510) 915-4795   ​Email Lisette Lahana

Practice Update as of 1/19 
I have limited space T,W,Thu 10-4:30pm. Lower fee slots for therapy are full.  1 gender therapy intensive slot available. I have availability to consult with therapists or act as a WPATH mentor.

Current Client or Consultee/Clinician  
You can schedule, cancel and see upcoming appointments in your secure portal here.
Therapists Seeking WPATH Mentorship/Consultation
I have openings, including weekend slots,  available for therapists internationally in English and Spanish languages.  Consultation takes place individually in-person, by video or in video-based groups. Therapists can directly book a 25/50 minute consult with me here.
You may also book a free, first time 10 min phone or video appointment so that I can assess your needs and we can introduce ourselves.  A credit/debit card must be entered to register for this brief appt but you will never be charged. If times offered do not work for you, contact me. The appt you book is tentative until I confirm.
Want to Start Working with Me?  
Before you become my therapy client I ask you to book a free brief phone or video call to discuss if I am a good fit.  A credit/debit card must be entered to register for the first time, 10 min appt, but you will not be charged.  Schedule here.
Need a letter? I have limited availability to do letter writing at this time though do offer one free letter a month for those in need. The GALAP directs you to therapists who provide free letters to improve access to gender affirming medical care.
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