Clinical Consultation and Training

Transgender, Intersex and Non Binary Clients

Since 2002 I've also been teaching therapists about concepts related to gender identity, exploration and body changes. We'll discuss tips to take a relevant gender history and how to help clients gain clarity around their identity and expression.  Having worked in a multi-disciplinary gender clinic for years, I have special knowledge about helping clients with medical changes including hormones and surgeries. Together we work on creative options for gender changes and self-expression, many of which may be outside of the gender binary. Check out my resource page focused on free online groups/supports for trans and non binary clients during COVID19 crisis. 
Race, sexuality, class, relationship status, abilities, health and religion all have an impact on gender identity formation. These factors influence gender expression and the speed at which a person may want to make changes.  We will discuss factors at play when clients re-transition or move to another gendered place on their life path.  
Our own race, gender, class, abilities or neurodiversity influence who we are as clinicians.  We can engage in nuanced conversations about transference, countertransference and privilege during our consultation or mentorship meetings. 
See this list of example training topics we can cover together in monthly consult groups or one-on-one.  With over 20 years of experience as a generalist, I also enjoy consulting with therapists who need help with generalist practice cases as well as experienced gender therapists with complex cases.
Typically I meet for half or full 50 minute consult meetings with clinicians.  The first brief conversation is free of charge to learn more about your consultation needs and meet. Book directly into my practice calendar (video/phone) for a brief first meeting or consultation meeting (25/50 mins).
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I am a WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Member and am a WPATH GEI Mentor. Consultation hours count toward your mentorship hours needed toward certification. You must be a member of WPATH in order to start the formal certification process and begin mentorship hours.
Learn more about what it means to be a Gender Specialisthow I became a gender therapist, and about my fees.
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