Existing clients and clinicians

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Appointment Scheduling

New Clients
I have limited openings available before 5pm and do not take insurance.  You may book a 10-15 min free first time Zoom meeting as a "new client" into my calendar.  

Consultation and Mentorship for Therapists

I have openings available.  You may book a 25 or 50 minute secure Zoom video consultation meeting as a new client into my calendar.

Free first time meeting available for mental health clinicians seeking consultation or mentorship. This intro meeting is used to determine if I am a good fit, to ask questions about mentorship/consultation. Typically it lasts 10-20 mins and is booked as a Zoom meeting "for new clients." Any appt you attempt to book, which occurs within the upcoming 2 days, will result in you receiving a message asking you to call to verify if it is available before confirming.


Can we meet by phone? Yes! If you would like to meet by phone please book a Zoom appt and then email with a request to change meeting modality.

What if I don't have a credit card or don't want to enter it? That is fine.  Just look at my schedule to figure out what is available and email me which appointment you are interested in. If you want to book a longer appointment (25 or 50 min) be prepared to pay by PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Cash Ap.