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Advanced Case Consultation Video Group

For Therapists With 5+ Years of Working with a Diverse Client Base including Transgender, Intersex, Non Binary, Gender Expansive & Questioning Clients

A portion of your group attendance can be used for for WPATH GEI mentorship hours

2 OPEN SLOTS, preference given to BIPOC, intersex and AMAB non binary or trans femme clinicians to improve group inclusion and balance
Fourth Friday of the month 10:00-11:50am PST(1-2:50pm EST)
  • Consult on challenging or unique cases with Lisette Lahana, a Senior Gender Therapist and WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Member and WPATH Mentor who has been seeing clients in the queer and transgender community since 1999. 
  • Expand existing clinical skills and prepare clients for medical interventions like surgery and hormones.
  • Explore intersectionality including how race, class, abilities, immigration status, family dynamics, mental health, neurotype, sexuality and trauma influence clients' gender.
  • Gain access to a private Google Group for gender therapists.Get consultation from peers in a diverse group of talented clinicians who grow with you.
In group we usually consult on 2-3 clients per group depending on complexity. Cases are presented informally so no major preparation is needed.
No identifying information will be shared about clients during group to protect client confidentiality. You are asked, to keep all information (except resources) confidential.  We pay attention to the therapeutic process and you and your client's identity's interactions.  Group is a safe place to share the complexity involved with doing this work as a trans/non binary therapist.  If you are cisgender, we are carefully aware and discussing your gender privilege and gender experience.   We continue the work you have been doing to decenter cisgenderism and binary thinking. We work on combatting cissexism, transphobia, homophobia and white supremacy, which has been present since this field's inception. We pay close attention to your work and the feelings you experience in the room, without judgement.  
Video-based online consultation groups are also a great way to network with therapists from all over the nation (though open to international therapists).  
COST: A recurring monthly payment of $80 is billed to your credit card to claim your space in the group whether or not you attend that month. To grow our diverse gender therapist network, there are limited Lower fee slots ($30-$65) available for trans, intersex, non binary identified, disabled folks and BIPOC clinicians while they cannot afford the full group fee.  You must have had a diverse gendered caseload over the course of three or more years to qualify for group.  Maximum: 9 members. Contact me if interested.
Interested in becoming a WPATH Certified Member?   I am a WPATH GEI Certified Member and a WPATH GEI Mentor.  Individual meetings and 8 group hours count towards the 10 mentorship hours you need for WPATH Certification.  During our work in group we discuss how the case material and topic discussions are in line with the WPATH Core Competencies.  Please speak to me for more details.  
Book a free brief video meeting with me to discuss mentorship or consultation here.

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