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When seeing me in Oakland, upon scheduling you will receive more detailed information about building address, security codes and location of the suite.

Getting to the Office

One entrance is a wheelchair accessible entrance on the basement level.   An elevator is available.  I can provide you with the key to a wheelchair accessible bathroom  Usually the basement bathroom is vacant or there is a key in the basement waiting room on the right.
There is another bathroom for clients in the office suite but it is not wheelchair accessible. The suite is accessible for most older wheelchairs. 
Unfortunately newer electric wheelchairs, which may be larger, may not be a fit for the building's older doorways.

Inside the Office

The office furniture and rug may have dog and cat dander due to service animals.  I am sensitive to many strongly scented body and bath products and ask that you avoid using those products when we meet. I am happy to supply you with unscented products,  to use at home to day of our session, if needed. 

I can close shades and light the room with blue light blocking bulbs to improve lighting for those with neurological needs.

Something Else?

If you have another other needs including those related to language, a disability, such as visual/hearing impairment or illness, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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