​​​​​​​​​​​My Approach​​​


With a warm and non-judgmental style I'll help you explore those patterns causing you problems. As a team, we'll help you clear away your past and learn to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others. I'll ask you to think about yourself deeply, challenge you, and nudge you forward.​​

Update: My therapy practice is full.   I only have room for therapists who wish to start consultation or WPATH mentorship.  

Welcome, to my practice, located in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland, CA which serves people of all ages and is accessible.  I've been licensed and working with depression, bipolar/mood disorders, anxiety and trauma for twenty years.  I use evidence based treatment to help you feel better quickly.  I draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based Practice, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness (DBT). One way to describe this aspect of my practice, which relates to the wide range of clients I've seen while working for agencies, hospitals and for myself, is that I am a generalist.  A generalist has a wide range of experience helping clients with a variety of mental heath issues, rather than focusing on a specialty. Bilingual in the Spanish language (Yo hablo español), I am committed to providing culturally competent care to LGBTIQQA people and welcome clients of color.  


In my work with trauma survivors I learned EMDR in 1998 and have used it, as well as other tools, to help people heal.  I am a Headstrong Project Clinical Partner, helping to heal the hidden wounds of war.   Getheadstrong.org provides free trauma therapy to post 911 service members/veterans and survivors of military sexual trauma. 

Gender Specialization

Often in our careers we wear many hats, so to speak.  In addition to being a generalist, I am a Gender Specialist and Clinical Consultant to therapists.  I have extensive experience providing care to transgender and non binary people, and their loved ones since 1999.  I am a Certified World Professional Association for Transgender Health Provider and WPATH GEI Mentor

I specialize in providing mental health support,  psychotherapy and letters for Transgender, Non Binary, Intersex and Those Questioning Gender. 

I offer a Gender Therapy Intensive Program to one adult at a time. 

I act as a clinical consultant and WPATH Certified Mentor one-on-one and through my consultation groups in Oakland and by video conference.  

I provide clinical training for therapists and presentations for health care providers on sensitivity to the needs of transgender & non binary teens and adults.

Learn more about my professional background and how I became a Gender Therapist.

Learn about LGBTIQQA terminology here



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