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Welcome to my practice, currently I see therapy clients as well as consult and mentor gender therapists.   I've been licensed and working with depression, bipolar/mood disorders, anxiety and trauma for over twenty years.  I use evidence based treatment to help you feel better quickly.  I draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based Practice, Psychodynamic therapy, and Mindfulness (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy).


Bilingual in the Spanish language (Yo hablo español), I am committed to providing culturally competent care to gender and sexual minorities and welcome BIPOC clients. I a cisgender woman of mixed ethnicity, White-Latine identity. I do my best to keep on learning about how to have cultural humility and to practice anti-racist strategies.  I strive to help clients heal from the effects of racism. Welcoming neurodivergent people and those who may identify as disabled.


In my work with trauma survivors I use EMDR, Seeking Safety program materials, DBT skills and new tools, such as the Flash Technique, to help people heal.

The majority of my practice is online, dedicated to California residents.  You can address me by my first name pronounced "LEE-SET" (pronouns she/her/hers). 

Gender Specialization

I have extensive experience providing gender affirming psychotherapy to, among others, transgender, non binary, agender, and gender diverse individuals.  I also work with clients who are questioning and those moving to a new position on their gender path. I provide psychotherapy for intersex people who have been misunderstood and/or traumatized by the medical system.  I've worked with kids, teens, adults as well as their loved ones since 1999. The work I do with youth is baed on a gender affirmative modelCertified World Professional Association for Transgender Health Member.  

I provide consultation/mentorship individually and through online consultation groups to mental health clinicians internationally.  l am a WPATH Certified Mentor.

Learn more about my professional background and how I became a Gender Therapist. Currently supervising a talented associate, Kat Ralph, ACSW at The Artful Healing Center

Consultation Group Facilitator for the LGBT Clinical Academy of Santa Clara County, CA.

I offer supervision where I function as a W2 employee for Trainees and Associates including triadic supervision as an option.

Therapists, book a brief, first time Zoom meeting in my schedule to get to know me.

Giving Back

My therapy practice is on indigenous Lisjan Ohlone land and to acknowledge this, and contribute to healing, I pay a Shuumi Land Tax. I also contribute monthly to TLC and TGIJP to give back to the transgender and gender diverse community.

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