Welcome to my practice.  I've been licensed and working with depression, bipolar/mood disorders, anxiety and trauma for over twenty years.  I use evidence based treatment to help you feel better quickly.  I draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based Practice, Psychodynamic therapy, and Mindfulness (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy).


Bilingual in the Spanish language (Yo hablo español), I am committed to providing culturally competent care to gender and sexual minorities and welcome BIPOC clients. I a cisgender woman of mixed ethnicity, White-Latine identity. I do my best to keep on learning about how to have cultural humility and to practice anti-racist strategies.  I strive to help clients heal from the effects of racism. Welcoming neurodivergent people and those who may identify as disabled.


In my work with trauma survivors I use EMDR, Seeking Safety program materials, DBT skills and new tools, such as the Flash Technique, to help people heal.

I have a limited in-person Oakland, CA practice.  The majority of my practice is online, dedicated to California residents.  You can address me by my first name pronounced "LEE-SET" (pronouns she/her/hers). 

Gender Specialization

I have extensive experience providing gender affirming psychotherapy to, among others, transgender, non binary, agender, and gender creative individuals.  I also work with clients who are questioning and those moving to a new position on their gender path. I provide psychotherapy for intersex people who have been misunderstood and/or traumatized by the medical system.  I've worked with kids, teens, adults as well as their loved ones since 1999. The work I do with youth is baed on a gender affirmative modelCertified World Professional Association for Transgender Health SOC7 GEI Member.  

I provide consultation/mentorship individually and through online consultation groups to mental health clinicians internationally.  l am a WPATH Certified Mentor.

Learn more about my professional background and how I became a Gender Therapist.

Therapists, book a brief, first time Zoom meeting in my schedule.

Giving Back

My therapy practice is on indigenous Lisjan Ohlone land and to acknowledge this, and contribute to healing, I pay a Shuumi Land Tax. I also contribute monthly to TLC and TGIJP to give back to the tgnc community.